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8 April 2007:            Newsletter no 1 published (read it  here)

25 February 2007:    It is now possible to buy paintings by Frances Anne Grattan (click here for details).

25 February 2007:    Version 2 of Scarves.dk is launched

7 January 2006:        Scarves.dk is now a registered company!

26 May 2004:            Scarves.dk goes online

Newsletter no 1 [pdf (57K)]

Spring 2007

Dear friends of Scarves.dk!

We are very proud to announce that you can now buy Frances' paintings from our website!

It has taken us quite a while to get to here, but we think it has been worth the wait (hope you do, too!).

By having Frances' paintings up for sale we have taken the first major step in getting our company up and running and we are quite excited :)

If you would like to buy a painting just go to www.scarves.dk/paintings, chose one and follow the instructions. During all of April 2007 we offer a 15% discount on all our paintings.

Do not, please, feel pressured into thinking that you must support us by buying from us. If you really want to help, you can forward this mail to some of your friends, to spread the word!

A good question you might have is: any news about the scarves?? In fact, yes, there is! We have now chosen four designs that we will make into silk scarves (you can get a sneak preview, if you look at the snippets to the left on our front page). We have also found a number of printers (in Denmark and the UK) who are able to print our designs, so we are very close now to selecting one and to printing the first batch. Expect news about scarves within a few months!

You might also wonder why we are writing to you? The honest answer is that we just happened to have your e-mail address! You could be a friend, family or anybody else we think would be interested in what we do here at Scarves.dk.

If you would rather not receive newsletters from us (2-4 a year, tops), please send an email to us at: news@scarves.dk, and you will promptly be removed from our mailing list. Absolutely no offence will be taken!

We are looking forward to hearing from you (words of encouragement will also be greatly appreciated!)

Kind regards,

Frances and Lars

PS Appologies if we have sent you more than one mail, still working on the database...